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Top 25 out of 7000 web companies

A Digital Marketing Agency


WUKmedia is a digital marketing agency providing cutting edge business web design, out of the box web development and highly successful approaches to UK web marketing. Our design work is responsive to deal with today’s Internet and our approaches to SEO are original, creative and highly successful.

Our flagship product TargetPages™ achieves amazing Google search results and is literally turning businesses around all over the UK.


A Digital Marketing Agency with Humble beginnings

Formed from a kitchen in Lancaster, Lancashire back in 2006 WUKmedia deliver professional business UI / UX (User Experience) Web Design. Along with responsive web design WUKmedia has grown into a leading digital agency based in Lancaster serving businesses all over the UK.

Due to amazing customer feedback WUKmedia is now ranked 25th out of over 7000 other web companies nationwide.

As a welcoming friendly digital marketing agency WUKmedia are proud to have gained love and respect from corporate size customers such as Flexible Medical to SME’s such as Kam Kitchen Designs.

SEO Friendly Web Design

The WUKmedia team provide cutting edge business web design and development that is responsive to any device and of course SEO friendly. You too could be enjoying the benefits of a quality responsive website that gets found easily on Google searches!

Get your business found on Google with the WUKmedia Trade Marked product…TargetPages™. This system will beat all of your competition with multiple targeted search results anywhere in the UK…or for that matter the world!

We love talking about business web design, SEO campaigns & web development ideas so talk to us on 0844 579 1066 or click here to drop us a line.

You are in good hands

WUKmedia have a superb in house team of web designers, developers and SEO experts (plus social media marketing professionals)…all under one roof!

As official registrars with Nominet (domain name registration) for UK domain names WUKmedia believe that any business web design or development company trading in the UK should be a member or be able to show qualifications with an organisation such as Nominet. WUKmedia are also official Members of the UK Website Design Association.

By becoming a customer with WUKmedia you don’t just get a ‘website design’. You get a very passionate, supportive organisation behind your business, doing the very best to make things work well for you.

We strongly believe good business web design companies help feed the economy by developing business websites that work! Web design and TargetPages SEO is the spine of our business and we are very grateful to our loyal customer base! We’d like to say a huge thank you to all of our customers both old and new for believing in us and for trusting in us!


WUKmedia understands business web design. Our design work is engaging and simple to navigate creating the perfect UX (user experience).


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is now a common phrase in business. We uncover the dark art of SEO and our customers reap the rewards.


The big question is “will it convert into business?” Click here to read independent reviews.
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