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Persistence pays off. SEO Glasgow is our focus here. SEO (search engine optimisation), being a dark area for most, is very difficult to prove on results. SEO results in achieving page one/number one on Google results we mean. After much blood seat and tears we are indeed achieving such results for our customers. Take our customer for  which is now beautifully placed at the top of Google for the search term Commercial CCTV Glasgow

The site was built with the generic domain name to allow the customer to USE a domain that is simple to remember but all directs to the customers branding and website. Much like B&Q use The domain alone is not WHY the site is getting a great Google result. SEO Glasgow goes far deeper than that. The domain is more useful on the back of a van. It’s not rocket science. What IS Rocket science though is how to build a website correctly coded and SEO’d. That my friends, takes years of practice…and a bit of persistence. Plus some other ‘ideas’.

SEO for CCTV Glasgowis our flagship SEP platform. It is separate from (which is a stand alone website), but adds yet more useful links for our customer like:

etc. All these pages are optimised for the customer in \pre-made pages which are intended to FAST TRACK the customer on to page one of Google with landing pages that are deigned to match the customers own branding.


SEO Glasgow


As described above we also then build a ‘dedicated’ generic website. This then takes traffic to the  website. Thats when you get yet more hits to your business via pages such as:

All these pages go to bespoke web pages beautifully designed exactly for the customers own branding. There has never been such a comprehensive approach to Geo-targeted SEO Glasgow.
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