Luvaquote Listings: Tree Surgeons

Today at WUKmedia we have been working on developing new pages for our directory website Luvaquote. This time we have been making a series of pages covering the south of England for Tree Surgeons and Tree Surgeries.

The listings cover so far Tree Surgeons Bedfordshire, Tree Surgeons Berkshire, Tree Surgeons Buckinghamshire, Tree Surgeons Cambridgeshire, Tree Surgeons Cornwall, Tree Surgeons Devon, Tree Surgeons Dorset, Tree Surgeons Essex, Tree Surgeons Gloucestershire, Tree Surgeons London, Tree Surgeons Hampshire, Tree Surgeons Hertfordshire, Tree Surgeons Kent, Tree Surgeons Norfolk, Tree Surgeons Oxfordshire, Tree Surgeons Suffolk, Tree Surgeons Surrey, Tree Surgeons East Sussex, Tree Surgeons West Sussex and Tree Surgeons Wiltshire. As well as the county pages all of the major towns and cities of these areas are also covered in the Luvaquote system. 

Tree Surgeons Listings

Now that we have created all the pages for Tree Surgeons the next step is listing them on Google. We are approaching this by splitting the pages into individual sitemaps before submitting the sitemaps to Google. We do this so the tracking of which pages have indexed is easier to manage and monitor on Google Search Console.

We will be tracking the listings over the coming weeks to see which pages list and whichdo not. There will also be adjustments to the SEO along the way as a way of determining which pages rank higher on Google. With this information we will adjust the pages which have not been listed and submit them again via the sitemaps.

Once we have a high volume of pages listed on Google we can then approach Tree Surgeons and Arborists in these areas to sign them up to take the page on Luvaquote. The page will then be redesigned in the company’s branding and made to look like their own website which sits high on the Google rankings. This will hopefully bring in new custom to the Tree Surgeons and raise their presence on Google.