Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the key thing in getting your site to the top of Google for your topic / subject. This sounds technical at first however, when you understand it doesn’t seem as daunting.

Many people question How SEO Works. The SEO Basics is that it essentially translates parts of your work into a language that Google can understand and use. This is what helps you to get to the top of Google.

When we call up potential clients and they are familiar with some aspects of search engine optimisation, it makes it easier for us to explain why it can be so beneficial to their business. Of course, our customers know their business better than we do however; we know how to get the most out of their site.

On the other hand we do call potential clients (and current clients) who don’t fully understand what SEO can do for them or How To Do SEO. Here at WUKmedia we love the this side to sites to help them to soar on the first page Google. It’s what makes designing the site worth it as if we made a great site which never got found there’s no real point in creating it. Both ourselves and our customers want everyone to see how great their business is and show it off to the world.

Right from the beginning of designing a new site we start to input our SEO Techniques which helps your Google listings. Of course we can implement SEO at any time whether it be during design phase or after the site has gone live. So if the sites rankings go down for some reason we can have a look into the analytics of the site to see what where wrong and how we can fix it to get it up and running like usual again.

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