Why is SEO so scary?

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If you are a small business owner, you will most likely have had someone mention SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) to you at least once. After all, most people nowadays head to the internet to find most of their business services.

Picture this

You might be aware that every business needs a website and so you decided to get one but after that, not much happened…

Even though it might sound great that you’re coming up on Google and showing off your brand spanking new website, without SEO, all you’ll come up for on Google is your business name.

But the thing is, almost every company comes up for their business name.

Then a friend of yours tries to explain SEO to you and so you try to do it yourself but you don’t use the right keywords / key phrases and you end up right where you started and give up on your online presence.

This is the last thing you should do

Sometimes we talk to people who don’t fully understand what SEO is and so when we try to explain it, they don’t want to hear it because they’ve been let down by it before.

At WUKmedia we use our own TargetPages™ system which is a great SEO tool designed by our team! Many of our long term customers started out as sole traders, or two man bands, with help from the TargetPages™ tool they are now making more profit than ever and it shows the impact SEO has on businesses.

Get in touch today to get expert SEO done by our team!

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