Many businesses today understand the importance of being on the internet and having a user friendly Web Design. Like many business assets you expect your website to have a good ROI (return on investment) for the time and money that has been put into it.

However, some businesses don’t fully understand why they need a user friendly website. Simply put, if something isn’t easy to do most people won’t use it, a website is no different. If a user can’t find what they are looking for on a site then they will most likely just look for it somewhere else. Users have an extremely low tolerance for this and it doesn’t take them long to give up on a site that isn’t user friendly.

Of course the usability isn’t the only thing that can affect whether people will stay on your site there are other in factors.


Users need to be able to navigate your website with ease. Some websites don’t even have a functioning navigation bar which is of course key to site. The navigation bar should only list the main pages however, if the page looks a bit too cluttered new pages are needed then add a sidebar.


The layout of your website is key and, arguably, it can control the user’s experience. Websites that are busy and cluttered will put users off continuing on with the site. Keeping your site clean will make sure that they can locate pages quicker and that they understand what is on the page(s).


It is well known that many people use other devices than a desktop / laptop there are a lot of users who may prefer tablets, smartphones etc. It is essential that your website works on all devices. Unfortunately, today many websites aren’t mobile friendly which will make them miss out on business. But along with it being mobile friendly there are other points to consider such as text size, image resizing, button sizes and the layout of the menu.

To summarise, your website needs to as easy for people to use, good on the eye and compatible with all devices. That is what we do here at WUKmedia and more! We give you slick website design and SEO which gets you more noticed on Google which results in more business for your company!

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