When designing a website, white space is always a concern. white space can make or break a site. It can either be smooth looking or all over the place in a chaotic mess. Buttons, text and more, need to have space in between them to give them room to breathe. Throughout this article we’re going to discuss what white space is and how important is can be to a website.

What is white space

Put simply, white space is a part of a site or document which isn’t being used around an object on the screen. White space isn’t always a bad thing. A good example of white space is Google’s homepage which is all white except for the logo, the search box and a few options in the corners of the site.

The artistic features of white space

When looking at the design side of white space, there are more requirements for UI principles. This relates to similar principles that are seen in graphical design.

White space is something that exists in every layout style of web design. Some visitors to different sites may notice when there is particularly a lot of white space on a website.

White space can fit in with the rest of the website if it is done right. Combining the space with other colours of a unique colour scheme will give the design its own style.

Different types of white space

These are the main categories that white space can be sorted into:

  • Visual white space
  • Compositional white space
  • Textual white space

Visual white space is the space for graphics such as buttons, icons etc.

Compositional white space is space for margins and a general composition.

Textual white space is the space involved with headers and the content on the site.

Using white space correctly starts with understanding it. Don’t forget the artistic features that white space has and how that affects your site.

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