Mark down is a lightweight syntax for styling. The idea of mark down is an alternative to mark ups that create an easy to use and easy to read formatting style. Mark down differs from traditional formatting as it is written in plaintext. It can be seen as a simplified WYSIWYG with more design control. Mark up with Perl script converts mark up text input to valid well formed XHTML or HTML. The idea is that it is published as it is, without looking like it’s been marked up with tags of formatting instructions.


Mark down can be written in a basic text editor like TextEditor or Notepad. Markdown has a range of features including:

  • Headers; mark down offers two styles of headers, setexts and atx.
  • Emphasis; mark down uses asterisk, pluses and hypertexts as  lists marks, these list markets are interchangeable.
  • Links; mark down supports two styles for creating links these are inline and reference. With both styles you can use square brackets to determine the text you want to turn into a link block quotes.
  • Line breaks
  • Inline code, in a regular paragraph you can create code span by unwrapping text in backtick quotes. Any ampersands and angle brackets will automatically be translated into HTML entities.

When complete, you can turn a website into mark down using HTML/2 text or make.text book make text.


The popularity and simplicity of Mark down means alternatives such as the original mark up language textile developed by Dean Allen are losing the battle. Mark down is a free software tool that works with Blossxom and BBedit. Mark down is used by such organisations as Slack, GiftHub and reddit. These companies have even added to Mark down to make it even more effective. Mark down can also be used with Smartypants. Smartypants automatically uses typographically correct curly quotes, em-dashes and elipses for increased efficiency. Mark down extra is also now available on PHP.

Overall mark down is the most effective text- to-HTML conversion tool. It allows full control of the document and an easy way to write text that easily translates into HTML.  The plug-in works across all platforms and is seen as a must in content management software for effective design. Its easy editing and readability differentiate this unique and effective text-to-HTML conversion tool from its competitors.

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