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Website Design Advice

Well if you would like some Website Design Advice and you are in business you surely have a ‘website’. But hang on that’s like saying if you drive you surely have “a car”. What type of car… a beaten up old rusty van or Ford Ranger Pickup Truck? A Fiat Uno or a BMW 118i Sport?

See what I mean?

As UK Based Web Design Consultants we have project managing many hundreds of websites and feel very strongly about the world of web design. Too many businesses settle for a “website” when they rarely know what their website is made of. We recently did a REAL website for Commercial Vehicle Locks (….if TYPE Commercial Vehicle Locks on Google you will see them at position one in the UK. We did that. In fact if you TYPE anything on Google to do with Van lock repairs and search locally in any part of the South East UK you will also find then in the TOP positions on Google.

So…not only do they LOOK professional and up to date. Their REAL website PERFORMS too!!

Now this is one of our bespoke customers, and they understand you get what you pay for.

But this got me thinking.

All those small businesses who trade only within say a 25 mile radius of ‘home’. Tradespeople, accountants, solicitors, driving schools etc etc …..etc…their are so many small businesses out there and yet most of them are not PERFORMING and rarely have a REAL website. They tend to pay far over the odds to companies like YELL & Thompson local for some type of web presence with a ‘website’. Now I’m not sure who’s been giving businesses like this website design advice but it certainly is not us!

So…we decided to help them. Not withstanding the need for many companies to have REAL websites tailored to their every need we have developed “ISW” (Industry Standard Websites). Part pre built by our talented team of designers they look like REAL websites and they PERFORM like real websites. The only difference is we have made them very low cost. Many of these types of businesses don’t need to spend £1000’s on their website due to their very nature. But we have devised a way to make it LOOK like they’ve spent £1000’s when in fact they’ve spent only 100’s for much the same PERFORMANCE.

All ISW sites LOOK great, PERFORM great and are secure (https) and compliant with such things as GDPR for a fraction of the price of a bespoke REAL website.

Hence any small business should be getting their sleeping bags out and camping over night to get to us first thing in the morning for a truly amazing way to finally tap into all that business out there on the Internet!

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