The world of web design is an ever-changing industry which is developing all the time. Each year there’s something that is introduced into the mainstream of web design. Make sure you keep an eye out for these Top Web Design Trends in 2018:

Grid layouts

As we’re sure you know, the layout of a website is very important when it comes to design. It can determine whether potential customers are going to stay on your site or immediately click off it and find somewhere else.

Take a look at our portfolio for just some of our designs that we have done for our customers.

But I digress; designers are always looking for the next things to be more creative than before and engaging with their layouts. One of this year Latest Trends in Web Design 2018 seem to be going the way of grid layout designs.

These new layouts allow images and text boxes to drift around the page but in an orderly fashion.


Animations on websites can really have a powerful effect on the user. They convey ideas in a short amount of time whilst, at the same time, informing and engaging.

Animated logos seem to be getting a lot of attention and are becoming trendier. It gives companies more chance to enhance the brand further but getting it right is a huge responsibility. With it being the face of your business, it needs to be done right so it looks professional but it needs to have a lot of meaning packed into it too.

You can see this change on social media with a more mainstream approach to GIFs. Whether it is a funny loop of a meme or adding a sense of creativity to your logo in an email signature, GIFs are becoming more and more mainstream.


Here at WUKmedia, we are one of the Top Web Design Companies UK 2018. We always do our best to keep on top of the current trends to make sure that your website is a modern as it can be. Get in touch to see what we can do for your online presence!

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