The worst flaws you can do to websites:


Some businesses still try to provide a ‘creative pop up’. An example would be that when as soon as a site is opened, a form pops up asking if you want to ‘Book Now’. Let the user browse the site they are bombarded with pop ups. Many businesses believe that this is a good tactic for getting customers but most people will just leave the site almost immediately. 

Ads vs content

If you have a business website that you are using to get new customers would you allow adverts splashed all over your home page? Other businesses are using your site as a place to advertise. Not only does it look unprofessional and distracting but it also drives away potential customers. 


A poorly worded site full of typos makes the company look inexperienced. Most web designers won’t focus on the content and just on the visuals of the site however, ignoring the content and leaving misspelled words can make articles almost unreadable. it may seem obvious but spell checker really helps in these situations, but you should have a human proof read content before it is published to double check.

Old sites

If your business site was built even as little as five years ago it would have been built for a different era of the internet. Now with retina screen technology and countless devices to access the net, your website needs to support all devices, making your business accessible to everyone will drive less people away which in turn could lead to more potential customers for your business.

Poor navigation

Poor navigation through low quality design is still far too common. Gone are the days where users have to learn where to click on your website. Poor website navigation sends potential customers into uncharted territory, this can lead to users leaving your site altogether and a potential loss for your business. Navigation’s should be descriptive so that the customer knows exactly what to expect when clicking on an item. Help visitors find what they’re looking for by ensuring your site navigation is clear and intuitive.

I hope our top web design flaws make you aware of the damage a poor website can have on your company.

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