I’ve come across websites that have great listings, but when I arrive on their site I feel like I’ve just witnessed a murder and instantly click off to find another site which has a bit more ‘class’ to it. The colours, text, images, almost everything about these sites are just wrong.

This is something this happens far too often and it’s something that shouldn’t happen. It’s one thing to have great listings and to have people click on your site, but it’s another to would just click off straight away.

This begs the question of whether there’s even a point for these sites to be ranked?

Search engines don’t necessarily care about how the site looks but people do. That’s the thing which some people don’t properly recognise. They seem to forget that an actual human is going to click on to that site at some point and it needs to be designed for them as well as the search engine.

It’s worth remembering that SEO isn’t that different from search engines and site design and it should be this way! But what can you do to make sure there’s a point in ranking your website?


If your site looks like it was made when the internet was still a growing thing then you definitely need to re-design those visuals. That being said, some people take this as adding as many modern features to their site and expecting it to look modern after that happens. But this just is not the case.

Doing small site upgrades in the right way can make a big impact to the overall site. But there are other ways to make your there’s a point to getting ranked on Google.


Why should you make sure your content is great?

Studies have shown that people mainly respond to readable content with a great design. With that in mind, does your content offer anything of value to the reader? Is it high quality? Is it easy to understand or does it have grammatical / spelling errors everywhere? These are just a few things to keep in mind when content is being written.

That being said, why should you do it all yourself? If you’re running a business, you may think that the website can wait, but that is a risky way of thinking, especially if you’re a business owner!

Why not put your businesses online presence in the hands of someone trustworthy? Here at WUKmedia, we have designed some amazing websites with top SEO; just take a look at our portfolio page!

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