We all know how powerful social media is in the modern world. Platforms like Facebook and Twitter are the kings of social media but there are a few platforms which can have an impaction your business if they are used properly. Throughout this blog we’re going to through a few low-key Social Media Tools which can benefit your business.


A simple tool but an effective one, Feedly can keep the stream of relevant blog posts coming straight to you. You can add in high quality sites to your feed and keep updated with the news or anything that is relevant to your business industry. It’s can also be used to share content with others which is greatly beneficial.


These days, Buffer is gradually gaining more and more popularity. There is a good reason for this, Buffer is a social scheduler which can post social media posts to multiple different networks with ease. Being able to schedule posts for your different social networks is a great help, especially for big businesses which don’t have time to sit and think about when and what is to be posted. They can just schedule a post and let it automatically be posted.

Restaurant Tech

We offer the WUKBUK Restaurant Apps to many industry types. We are thinking of new ideas every day and adding new industries to the list.

WUKBUK is heading to the Restaurant Tech expo on the 26th September to show off everything that WUKBUK has to offer for the  to the rest of the industry. 

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