Is Good SEO that hard to come by?

Google is the biggest search engine on the planet and that is a fact. It is used by millions everyday, whether it be for professional purposes or for watching funny YouTube videos there is one thing that makes it all possible, SEO.

Some people don’t understand the importance of good SEO for their business. If you’ve built a company from the ground up, that’s great but if nobody knows where it is or how they’re going to find it, then it’s not going to get business.

SEO is the best way to get found on Google, which I’m sure most of you already know, especially if you are a customer of ours. Some SEO can be quite expensive, especially from big companies. It could even cost up to £22,000!

How else can you found on Google?

Other ways to get found on Google include AdWords but this aren’t organic. Even though it (almost) guarantees to get you to the top part of page one when a certain keyword or key phrase is typed in. However, this is a more expensive way to get found on Google as every click on that ad, whether it results in business for you or not will take the money right out of your bank account.

This means that if you get 1000 people going onto your site per month and lets say that it costs £2 per click on a Google Ad that would add up to £2000 in one month! t

Good SEO is hard to come by because it isn’t easy to get up in the ranking for the more popular keywords. Not to mention expensive! Nevertheless, you could get great SEO for a cheaper price by our experts here at WUKmedia! Using our very own system, we will get you on page one of Google for the keywords / phrases necessary to fuel your business. Give us a call today on 01524 544 744 to see what we can do for your business! 

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