Throughout my time blogging and using SEO I have heard many false stories about SEO which need to be left behind in 2017. In this article we are going to discuss the many fables regarding SEO which people need to realise and forget about.

“Links are better than content”

To some extent this is true however, filling up pages with links and close to no content won’t be appealing for the user and make it harder for them to read.

A few years ago SEO, typically worked by building as many links as possible and so by doing this, the website was sure to rank higher and whereas building links is still an important factor to better SEO, building links needs to be done with a different approach than it used to.

Quality over quantity is very much applied in modern SEO. When links are built in the right way then less is definitely more.

“If you have more pages then SEO will be better”

Some people still believe that if there are more pages on a website then they will get better rankings on Google and therefore more traffic to their site.

As mentioned above, quality above quantity. Creating more pages isn’t good enough if the pages don’t have the correct SEO; they are useless in the eyes of the search engine.

Those who have lots of pages on their site usually don’t pay much attention to the quality of their content. It’s difficult to strive for both good quality content and multiple pages, the best policy for content is just to publish things that are relevant to the business.

“Images don’t need any optimisation”

Yes they do!

Years ago, it would have been fine to avoid using SEO on images on the internet as you would still rank on Google. Now, image SEO is as important as it will ever be, with alt-text and file names being an easy fix to getting them up on Google.

Using alt-text is easy, especially through tools such as WordPress. All you need to do to make an efficient alt-text is simply explain what is in the image and what it is about and don’t forget to give the image an appropriate name so that it will come up on Google when the keyword is typed in. Keywords are key!

Thank you for reading through this article about a few of the SEO fables that need to be forgotten and left in 2017.


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