SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) strategies are always considered when looking at increasing traffic and recognition of your brand. SEO aids traffic and ranking. However, when writing content it is important that copywriters don’t stay too regimental when considering content writing. Copywriters must write content for users and not for Search Engines to create more recognition and brand resonance.

Hummingbird algorithm

Algorithms have progressed a long way, they can grasp the concept behind the content. Pages can now be ranked from focusing on a clear concept. This means keywords aren’t as important as they use to be. Algorithms now can learn relationships so for example if using the word horse, hooves and main Google will recognise that there is a clear concept to the content. These relationships used to build the overall concept also fed the new hummingbird algorithm. This is a way to emphasise your message without repeating keywords that reduce quality, thus highlighting that Keywords can now less crucial. There is a move towards the semantic search highlighting the strength of creating a concept behind the content.

Storytelling for Interest

To write content for users, copywriters must relate to and recognise with the users. It is important that the brands personality is consistently resonated in the content. The most effective method at the moment is storytelling to create an emotional connection to customers. User-centric content reads more naturally, is unique from competitors and makes it easier for the reader to judge the predominant concept. It’s important to not get to immersed and lose sight of the bigger picture. At the end of the day, it’s a social business and about creating connections and eliciting emotions.

Content that appeal to users

Headlines and subheaders are important to users. Headlines intrigue readers; eye catcher headlines can be effective at attaining viewers. Subheaders may affect content to code ratio, but they make it easier to read. Multimedia such as images and videos is effective at engaging and interacting with the reader. Google prefers media rich content and visual appeal. The use of SEO copywriting tools and resources such as Unsuck can be used to appeal to users.

Make it Natural

Users want brands to be as human as possible therefore content should be conversational. It’s about creating meaningful content, not buzzwords. Content should be creative, timeless, consistent and unique to competitors. Content must be persuasive, your content must solve a problem and appeal to the end user and promote a user to take action. It’s about recognising your end user and connecting with them on a human level with a consistent message. Most importantly content that is user-centric and not wrote for search engines is a higher quality and quality is the number one key factor.

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