SEO myths

Ensuring that a website’s Google listings are as high as they can get however, this is not easy task. The algorithms of Google are constantly changing which means experts need to be aware of what’s changed and when it has changed. There are many myths out on web which just aren’t true; we are going to go through the most popular SEO myths throughout this blog.

Secured rankings

To start with, many people SEO Websites, articles and so on believe that they will get guaranteed rankings on Google, this isn’t the case. Without using the best techniques and top tools you can’t get guaranteed rankings on Google, and you can’t be sure as to what you use will work.

Links are everything

This is not true, however low quality links shouldn’t be used as they do very little to improve the rankings. However, when links come from more trustworthy and professional sites the listings can improve.

Search engine optimisation is complicated

For a beginner, and those who don’t Understand SEO, it may not only look complicated but sound it as well. Search Engine Optimisation is not as complicated as it may seem. Once you learn the basics, it gets easier to learn the more advanced side from there.

These are just a few of the SEO Basics myths which aren’t true.

Here at WUKmedia, we do use the top tools and have a brilliant SEO team to get your website to the top, resulting in more customers for your business.

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