“From humble beginnings, into a UK wide enterprise, working with both small business clients & global companies!”

Working solely from a small kitchen some 12 years ago, I developed a system and a business that not only brightened the web with beautiful designs, but made life changing differences to the clients I worked with, enabling them to reach out to audiences they never thought possible.

When I set up WUKmedia(WebsiteUK Ltd) almost 12 years ago (how time flies!) I felt it can’t be hard to do a good job. I’d seen so many poor quality websites that were not worth a bean to the success of a business. Now 12 years on I can safely say NOTHING has changed. Businesses in the UK are still constantly paying well over the odds for very substandard work. I truly believe Billions of pounds are wasted every year in the UK and there should be legislation to counter ‘anyone and their dog’ being able to make business websites for profit.

Against all adversity and with the dedicated support of my wonderful wife, partner & best friend, we slowly built our business and client base to reputable levels. We have had a number of teams over the years and each one, sometimes in a small way and sometimes in a massive way, have contributed to our staying power. I am proud to say, 12 years later we still cater for most of our clients who were with us from day one. We are relentless in providing excellence in design and service to our customers and still to this day, as it was back then, providing the personal touch you don’t get with other agencies, we never forget where we came from, our Roots are what define us!


In The Business

Experience and attention to detail are our biggest asset!