What does online branding mean to my business?

Building great online branding or otherwise seen as a ‘reputation’ is not something unreachable…or on a higher plain so to speak. It’s not necessarily expensive and certainly not something that should be seen as only a ‘Big Payers Approach’. Like most things, when broken down, it is quite simple and is, without sounding patronising, mostly common sense.

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A great example of success by branding!

A great example is one of our clients “Doggytired.co.uk’.

The owner, Ann, came to us with an ‘idea’ she had to start a dog walking service. Working together we came up with doggytired.co.uk We designed a catchy logo to go with a catchy name. We then put together a gorgeously designed website.

This was then given our own specialised SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) treatment and doggy tired began to appear at the ‘number one’ position on Google for generic searches such as ‘dog walking Lancaster’…. so far so good.

We then set up a business facebook page and very month put out small ads targeting age groups, interests and location. This helps build up an ‘interested’ local audience. Ann, for her part (After all it is her business!) then had her van branded to ‘look’ like the website, with the logo and the ‘domain name’ displayed loud and proud on the side.

Although we post to the Doggy tired Facebook page as a part of our services, Ann contributes on a regular basis and becomes interactive with her audience. Today ‘Doggytired’ is by far the most successful dogwalking service in the City.

Click this link to view the website Doggy Tired

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That last example of online branding is clearly married to traditional branding (i.e. sign writing the van!) and is a perfect example of how a small business can make giant leaps without a lot of stress. The same model works for larger companies, yet we still find bigger companies resisting ‘change’ or unwilling to accept the world online is constantly evolving.

People want to do business with other people more than ever over the Internet! Building a clean, easy to understand message about what your business has to offer is now more important than ever.

Online branding (i.e. The doggytired.co.uk story) creates trust and trust usually converts into good business.

It’s that simple!