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Opinions in web design are divided on what should be classed as good and what shouldn’t.

Modern designers believe that websites need to be up to date, super slick and easy on the eye. Be that as it may, many people still believe that websites are just thing that don’t really do much.

Of course having the modern design is the wiser route however, whichever route people decide to go down they might be doing these Web Design Basic mistakes.

Low contrasting fonts

Low contrast means a lighter font colour on a light background or a dark font on a dark background. This can look relatively good in some instances but when it comes to web design, stay away from these contrasting fonts!

Make sure that your site / pages can be read by the user. You have to consider people with eye conditions who find it hard to read various colours. Yellow text on white, or vis versa, is a bad choice.

Small fonts

Occasionally, we’ll come across a site that just has to many issues. The first mistake that people make is that of the font size. There’s a lot theories as to why people instantly go or the smaller fonts. One possible reason is that back when websites were starting out many sites did have small fonts around 12 pixels big. So after then people followed in those footsteps.

Screens are of course bigger now and that should be taken into account and, as mentioned above, eye conditions need to be taken into account as well.

Call to action colours

Last but not least is the call to action colours. Accent colours are extremely important when it comes to call to action as they make the buttons more obvious to user as they stand out more from the rest of the Site Design. Not using an accent colour on call to action buttons is a big mistake.

Those in marketing will know that call to action buttons such as ‘buy now’ and ‘start 30 day free trial’ need to stand out from the rest of the website (as mentioned above), to draw potential customers’’ attention.

This is obvious for most people however; we have seen some designs on various sites which don’t have a call to action button with an accent colour.

Make sure you aren’t doing any of these easy mistakes on your site.

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