Years and years ago companies would employ people who were specifically trained in digital marketing to handle that side of the business. This meant that that person wouldn’t really be involved much with the rest of the marketing team. In the past few years, things have changed quite a lot.

Digital marketing isn’t as mysterious as it once was, in fact most aspects of modern marketing are very much linked to digital marketing and there isn’t any real reason to keep them separated.

Technology specialists in marketing

When it comes to a marketing plan, strategy and execution are the two main parts.

The strategy team is usually full of people who specialise at looking into the tactics of the competition and any trends that are in the market. This part of the team should also know to look at the big picture of the situation. They can suggest and talk about new ideas to achieve their goals.

The other side of the team, those who deal with the execution of the strategy are going to have to be better at paying attention to all the little details. This side of the team carry out every section of the project until it is completed. When the project has one part of the team looking at the bigger picture, they will often miss out little details, which could be obvious to someone who has a lot more experience in this area.

Instead of thinking of your marketing sector as the classic team against the modern team, think of it as the planning team and the team that follows through. You will see better results in your marketing team this way and a better office environment.

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