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The age old debate of whether iOS is the best operating system to use or if the Android operating system is better. So what are the differences between the two systems. In many ways the Apple OS Software is the better system and vis versa with Android Software. They both have their differences and they both have similarities to each other.

Throughout this blog we’re going to go through the multiple ways on how iOS and Android differ from each other.


Both of the operating systems have different security measures when it comes to there products.

Put simply, iOS is more secure however, this doesn’t mean that it is impossible for it to get infected. If you are an iOS user then it is risky to believe that your iOS device is going to be completely free of any nasty malware forever.

That being said, the majority of the iPhones will be safe from viruses but the user should always be aware of it.

The reason for iPhone being more secure is that most malware is written for Android devices. In fact, there is a report that suggests there is around 97% of the malware which is intended for Android devices.


Both Android and iOS devices have the fingerprint feature which gives the user an easier way to unlock their phone and make purchases through the AppStore.

When the iPhone 5s was released it was revolutionary and not just because of the Touch ID that came with it. The iPhone 5s was the first iPhone to feature a security measure which was named Secure Enclave by Apple. This is a crucial part of the encryption setup.

Secure Enclave ensures that the code can’t be modified. It uses encrypted memory to secure the rest of system so that it can’t be read or tampered with.

Android don’t have anything like this on their phones so Apple definitely gets a leg up on privacy.


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