The Great Search Engine Robbery

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Remember Searching on Google…or if you like BING or YAHOO and seeing ADS clearly marked in coloured boxes? Have you noticed they are now gone? The ads are now hidden into the organic listings with the tiniest little box saying Ad. Easy to spot if like me you run a web company and spend half your life on Google. Not so much if you are a layperson. You will easily miss this Google Scam – Bing Scam – and Yahoo Scam or generally Online Advertising Scam

Google Scam

Most people I have spoken to in the last 15 or so years I have worked in the Internet Industry do NOT like or trust “Ads”

This sneaky greedy practice of hiding Ads within the organic search results has increased profits for these search engines (especially one of them) by BILLIONS. This is an online advertising scam that undermines fair practice, goes against the Internets original premise of ‘freedom’ and literally tricks people into clicking on unwanted links.

This is, in my humble opinion, borderline criminal. It is, I personally believe, gaining money by deception.

So why does it  happen and why are they blatantly getting away with this CLEAR online advertising scam?

Well again, in my humble opinion, most people simply do not get the Internet at all. I’m convinced for example many people think something like Google IS the Internet. Not a for profit private company. On top of that trying to explain to someone the difference between “Ads” and natural search results is a minefield in itself. I truly believe a lot of politicians do not understand the Internet and are at best ill advised. Look at some of the truly remarkable blunders in online Government services in things like the NHS or Child Support.  Systems that are implemented and then do not work. Systems that cost many tens of millions and are poorly conceived and poorly implemented. Just click this link to a Google search for “UK Government Software Problems”

…and you will find no end of information on failed systems that cost tens of millions to the tax payer.

I have recently written to the Advertising Standards Authority to try and point out the Google Scam but they only deal with Ad content. They have kindly referred me to the Competitions and Market Authority.

To understand how Google profits have risen yet again…Simply Read this  Digiday article

As a point. I am an SEO engineer. I do have a vested interest in Google search results for my clients. My company promotes mostly SEO but also the PPC system that Google benefits from. We are in talks right now to partner with a PPC company so we are not ANTI PPC. We are totally in favour of it but it must be fair! The end users and even the advertisers are getting ripped off by millions per day. For example…remember when I said most people choose not to click on an Ad? I’m convinced that many people will click on the AD links…not find a website they like and simply click back off. Or worse still click accidentally on an unwanted Ad and find themselves further clicking a dodgy advertisement and finding themselves tied into a scary agreement. (Facebook ads are often very dodgy too). No-one benefits APART FROM THE SEARCH ENGINE. The user has not had a good experience, or felt empowered, the advertiser has just paid for a useless click through and the only winner is the search engine who pockets the money.

I never will understand why Google too is Anti SEO – Search Engine Optimisation (or they seem to be). SEO engineers bring the best looking and best written website to the top of their search engines. We promote their business daily (I must mention “Google” a thousand times a month) and thus we help make their search engine look tidy and very user friendly. Google do not pay me for this enormous contribution to their search engine. If anything they punish SEO engineers like me. Its TOTALLY INSANE.

I think Google SCAMS like this exist due to ignorance and greed pure and simple.

They should be stopped but is there Anyone out there………..???????????

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