This is the last week you will have to spend your old £1 coins!

As from 16th October, the round £1 coin will no longer be legal tender as it gets fully replaced by the new 12-sided version.

The new coin

After this week the only £1 coins you will be able to use is the new 12 sided version. Here are a few fact about the new coin:

  • Thickness: 2.8mm – thinner than old coin
  • Weight: 8.75g – lighter than old coin
  • Outer ring: gold – coloured, made from nickel-brass
  • Inner ring: silver – coloured, made from nickel-plated alloy
  • Diameter: 23.43mm – larger than old coin
  • How many in circulation: 1.5 billion

The old £1 coins will be melted down to make new ones.

Coins down the back of the sofa?

With the deadline to use the old £1 coin under a week away, here are some of the places to look for them:

  • Pockets of the coat(s)
  • In your jean pockets
  • Down the back of the sofa
  • Supermarket bags
  • Gym bag(s)
  • Under the car seats
(source: BBC news)

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