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You may not notice it, as few people do, but evolution is happening in the Web Design industry. So far in the year there have been interesting tends which have suddenly appeared. For example, colour and navigations patterns, unique typography and so on.

Throughout this blog we are going to go through some of the Design Trends that have emerged this year.

Bold Colours

To start with, big and bold colours seem to be everywhere you look! Bright buttons, accent colours and radiant backgrounds, jump out the screen at the user and grabs their attention.

Here are some of the bold colour options which work:

  • Using colour with intention and a purpose
  • Bright colour make smart accents
  • Colours can make statements
  • The brightest colours from the brands palette can be included

Poly Shapes

This year, polygons are almost everywhere and being used in interesting ways. From simple overlays to corner effects and even shapes which cover the whole design, poly shapes are growing popularity by the minute.

The brilliance of this design is its flexibility. The poly shapes can be added to almost any Design Outline, whether it be over video or photos with any colour or typography.

Fascinating navigation patterns

It’s not always a good thing to experiment with navigation patterns fading away from menus at the top of the screen however, for some designs it can work well.

Many designers this year have been using fascinating navigation patterns for their websites. For example, the bars are sometimes seen on the side of a site or right at the bottom, these are just a few examples of giving the navigation bars a fresh look.

These are just a few Web Design Trends that have emerged from 2017.

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