Common mistakes in web design

The best websites are built with both the user and Google in mind. The Interface Design of a website are just as important as its technical side, which the user won’t see. Throughout this blog we are going to go through mistakes made in web design which prevent good SEO for Beautiful Websites.

Images with text

This is a common mistake in web design, in which most people won’t be aware of. Some Web Developers just include text into the image instead of adding a text layer over the image. This is something that should definitely be avoided. The search engine won’t be able to recognise the text that is on the image so according to the search engine there isn’t any text there at all.

Using a text overlay on the image is the best way to get around this problem. The search engine will notice the text and according to the user nothing will have changed.

Keywords are key

The content is what makes the site worth being on the internet. But for higher rankings on the Google then think, keywords are key.

Service and product pages on your site will give you more chance to rank higher organically on Google through the use of keywords. If these pages aren’t added or even removed from your site, then you will be seriously hindering your sites SEO potential.

The same goes for the amount of text you have on your pages. Before publishing anything, think about what you are going to put on the page(s), make sure the content is descriptive and easy to understand for the user, this gives it a greater chance to be ranked higher on Google.

Missing H1 tags

This is a common mistake by designers, and it can be critical when it comes to SEO. The H1 tag is the first that Google will look for in a page. Having the tag and the target keyword in the tag drastically improves the chances of ranking higher in Google.

These are just a few of the common mistakes which are made by designers which decrease the chances of SEO working on their site.

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