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Online, your website represents your business. It’s the face of the company, and for many people it will be the first impression they’ll get from the business. This is why it’s crucial to get it right. Even though there are tools out there that allow you to create a website yourself, it’s always best to go with the professionals. Many people who make their own website themselves miss out details which have a big impact or add something in they shouldn’t.

Here’s a a few things that can ruin a website and why you should call in the professionals.


There’s a few DIY Site Designs out there that have clearly had a lot of work put into them however, the text on them just isn’t readable, which makes all their hard work pointless.

There are a few factors behind this. A big reason for this is that there is a colour contrast between the text colour and the background colour. Other reasons such as the text being to small is a common issue along with using multiple fonts for your text content, not only is this Bad Web Design, but it can confuse and tire the readers. Two fonts max per page would be best i.e. using the same font for the title(s) and sub-headings and a different (but similar font) for the actually paragraph content.


I’ve come across far to many sites which are to complicated to navigate. It seems like such a simple thing however, many DIY sites ignore the navigation side of a site and the importance this has.

Some of the buttons just don’t make sense or there are links scattered everywhere like a Wikipedia entry!

It should be kept simple and easy for the user to understand.


Last but not least is images. This could be the worst one on the list. If you have an image you like and upload it to the site where anyone can see, make sure it’s good quality. I’ve come across numerous DIY websites which have low-res images and they need to be changed ASAP!

These are just a few reasons as to why you should call a professional to do your website. If you think that you are guilty of any of these reasons call us on 01524 544 744 today to get a top quality website. Check out our portfolio page to see some Good Web Design Examples of our previous work to get a taste of what we can do for you!

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