What’s corporate identity got to do with my business?

Online Corporate Identity? That sounds expensive? Actually this a  big sounding phrase for the “bleedin obvious”.

As business identity consultants we can help you understand and implement corporate identity includes colour schemes, designs, and ‘a voice’ that creates a visual statement about a businesses identity. It works for a one man band plumber as well as it works for a multi million pound company. It is a statement of how a business views itself and of how it wishes to be viewed by others!

What does online corporate identity include?

Online corporate identity can include websites, SEO, social media marketing and marries well with ‘traditional’ corporate identity such as signage, logos, slogans, stationery, workwear, and is often completely overlooked or not understood by many businesses. Therefore corporate identity both online and in the ‘old’ world is either strong or weak and is fairly permanent unless otherwise changed, such as a rebranding exercise.

How do we help?

After 12 years in the web design business, we have learned how to understand and incorporate ‘corporate identity’ into our client’s web designs, which includes finding useful, easy to remember domain names (generic domain names), advising on colour schemes, and advising these approaches go on business cards, workwear, transport, letter heads etc etc.

If you want to receive experienced Business Identity Advice and understand what we can do this for your business then simply call 01524 477 577 (check number!!!)

Here’s a useful link too: click here for a definition of corporate identity

Getting noticed out on that there world wide web

To us it seems obvious. Get a good web design that looks up to date in both impact and navigation. However, like many quality things in life, these things need to be uncomplicated….and how easy it is for many people to over complicate. We take that complication away as we know what we are doing. That’s what we do after all…get businesses ‘noticed’ out there on the world wide web!