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Content and analytics are the two most important things for a website. The content tells a story for the users (and potential customers) in an interesting way which should motivate them to the business. Analytics makes sure the designers know how the site is doing in the Google rankings and where they can improve or if anything needs to be done to the site to make it better.

Website content

Many professionals in the industry believe that content and analytics are equally as important.

The TopRank Marketing CEO, Lee Odden, has emphasised the importance of Writing Website Content. They need to relate, be interesting, and it should be something people can share. Odden stated “focus on the customer. Learn how buyers discover, consume and act on information.” We can always edit the content to the customers’ needs as we focus on the customer experience.

Getting traffic to your site

So What Are Analytics? They are a very important part of any website. The search engine really looks for human interaction on a website and through social media interactions. By attending the needs of the users this will get your information into the right places and therefore will increase the amount of traffic that goes onto the site. The most popular sites are the ones that encourage the users to stay on the site and explore.

As a designer, it’s key to always consider what the user wants to achieve from being on this website. Through this thought process it’s easier to optimise the site for them and the way they would want it.

Another way to focus on the user is the use of additional Web Content. This is what makes the page good for what it’s intended for. Adding a YouTube video is a good way to keep people on the site as it shows a video / videos related to the content.

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