Business SEO?

? Many people ask the question, “What can SEO do for my business?” Basically, business SEO is organising a website to be well received in the organic listings on Search Engines to enhance the online presence of any size of business. As about 90% of people searching online use Google then we, of course, focus our energies on Google’s algorithms. The huge misconception many people have that because a natural business SEO listing is free then it should cost next to nothing to appear high up in the results. Google, as a private company, make (as we all know from the latest news) literally Billions of dollars of profit a quarter mainly from their product ‘adwords’ which is a pay per click system. Engaging in a ‘Google Search’ empowers the ‘searcher’ to ‘find’ useful results. The PPC adverts at the top of the page (And down the side) are usually websites that are kind of jumping the queue. They invariably have little or no business SEO content and often people are reluctant to click on them as in a sense they have not asked for the adverts! Hopefully, you are now empowered with this simple explanation as to ‘What is SEO?”.

How Does Business SEO work?

? How does  business SEO work is a great question.
? The truth is that  there is no succinct answer to this question. SEO could almost be described as a ‘dark art’ as to how websites are ‘manipulated’ to achieve good page 1 organic listings. WUKmedia (WebsiteUK ltd) have been ‘working’ on SEO for over 10 years. We have developed a formula and approach that is second to none. For example, think how many SEO companies would like to appear at the top of Google UK for a search like ‘SEO Quotes London’ ?? Or for that matter be number 1 organically for most major areas within London via SEO related searches. The answer is all of them! And do you know is number 1 for these types of searches? You guessed it …WE ARE!

We are  are also ranked in the top 20 Web Companies in the UK! (out of over 7000!)

The quality is in what our client’s have to say. Please click here to read our stunning reviews from companies all around the UK.

For an informal chat about website maintenance or how we can help you with everything from web design to SEO then please simply drop us a line or call us on 0844 5791066

SEO Maintenance Plans

? Premium support for your clients, at no extra cost.
? We treat our customers like we would like to be treated.

As we are passionate about our SEO maintenance plans, troubleshooting any SEO problems, helping with general online marketing and making recommendations to improve our clients’ websites is the norm. You can always request our help with any questions you might have about the performance of your SEO maintenance package. We can provide SEO maintenance plans with comprehensive reports by request and always keep an eye on our clients websites. We generally make a courtesy call to check in with our clients at least once every three months.

Why should Business SEO be paid for?

? Why is your business SEO a monthly payment?
? Well firstly, if you are asking ‘Why should SEO be paid for? then we’d simply send you to the following link to read our reviews.  If after reading our  fabulous SEO reviews, you are still asking ‘Why SEO should be paid for? then we’d probably suggest you look further to find out the answer. When people ask us why our SEO is a monthly payment we explain that actually it is not a monthly payment. It is a fee for using our SEO approach and formula on your website and we licence that copy to you for 12 months at a time. The fee (some clients prefer to) can be paid as a one-off payment to cover the 12 months or can be paid via monthly installments. Again, if you are still in doubt please click here to read the mind-blowing reviews from our clients from all around the UK.

What am I paying for with business SEO?

? We could say just read our countless 5 star reviews and in a perfect world that should be enough. It’s amazing how many times this question comes up actually. We are a business. We have overheads and staff just like you. In the case of SEO we have not reinvented the wheel. Good business SEO has always been charged for and so it should be! We have spent literally 10 years developing our craft and approaches. I don’t believe that two SEO Engineers (never mind two SEO companies) would do EXACTLY the same SEO on a website. We have developed an inhouse system TradeMarked as TargetPAges and this system uses our formula. This system (and formula) has given some of our clients a huge ROI (In the millions in some cases) and well…it’s not only a bit daft, but a little insulting to assume that business SEO has no value and that we should not get paid. Try telling Google you will not pay for an ad! Basically, if you don’t pay. you don’t display!

I only want to work with a ‘local’ SEO company!

? Because we appear in web design/SEO searches all over the UK many potential clients have ‘found’ us by searching for a local SEO company. Rather than be negative this actually serves as a positive because it is actually a case in point. Also, these days we are ‘local’ to you wherever your home base. 90% of our reviews come from customers we have never met us face to face. They don’t need to! There are very good communication tools at our disposal these days. Obviously ‘email’, then social media, Skype, linkedIn etc etc! Just because a company has bricks and mortar 3 miles down the road does not mean they will deliver the high-quality SEO we deliver and ‘prove’ to deliver time after time. Did you know? O ur home town of Lancaster is actually a mecca for Web Service Companies. Back in the late 90’s, ‘Businessserve”, one of the first ‘Internet’ companies in the country, was set up. This led to many offshoot companies and almost 20 years later Lancaster has probably more expertise per capita, in web development, than anywhere else in the UK.

How much should SEO Cost?

? When it comes to how much business SEO should cost there are a number of things to consider. For example, our pricing depends on a range of things. We need to consider the competition for a start. Should a client want to be the number one organic result for ‘Kitchens’. A ‘guaranteed’ number one spot for this one keyword would be virtually impossible. It doesn’t mean it cannot be achieved and we have beaten all the competition on many occasions. 9 times out of 10 an SEO strategy that is going to achieve good results needs creative approaches. We have those creative approaches nailed! Therefore, cost is often defined by the value of our expertise. We have clients who have very small campaigns (like looking for a plumber within a small provincial town) to companies that are looking for huge contracts of over £1000 000! The plumber may pay us £100 a month and the larger company covering BIG search results as much £10 000 per month. It is all relative and far far less expensive than PPC, newspaper advertising, magazines, TV and the rest of it. On top of this it is not ACTUALLY advertising. It is positioning your company to be FOUND in a very precise way when somebody is browsing a library! Many of our clients no longer spend a penny on so-called ‘advertising’ which works less and less as time goes by.


So when it comes to Business SEO hopefully you are now in a better place to understand what it can all be about!? We are an open door company and it means a lot to us to be able to deliver business SEO & show how business SEO Works.  Whatever the size of the company we provide affordable SEO maintenance plans for types of  companies. We are transparent about why should SEO be paid for. If you are looking for local SEO companies hopefully you know understand that these days we are ALL local! We believe we offer affordable local SEO quotes & prices and all you need to know about  how much business SEO should cost!

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