Many people who start to learn code soon give it up due to how difficult coding can actually be. A lot of talent is involved in coding and learn from scratch is a daunting task. Throughout this article we are going to go through a few of the key moments in the history of web design.

In the beginning…

In 1989, screens were literally black and essentially pixelated. If we were to use it now the design could get very confusing.

Fast forward

We then jump forward to 1995 where the birth of browsers changed web design forever. The table’s concept was the best option for being able to structure information. The main purpose of tables is to structure numbers however it was a fragile system. Tables were popular back when front end development wasn’t popular among designers.

JavaScript comes into the scene

In the same year JavaScript came along and was the answer to the HTML limitations. JavaScript was often used as a quick fix for the careless developer however; it can be a very powerful tool is used correctly.


In 1996, Flash would promise a freedom that had never been seen before; designers could make shapes, better layouts, animations, and use any font they want and more in just one tool. After the first iPhone was released in 2007, Flash started to collapse when it came to web design.

Into the mobile revolution

Flash forward into 2007 with the mobile uprising, we have a new generation of young people wanting the best phone on the market. Browsing the web on mobile phones was a massive challenge to undertake with every phone being different and having unique layouts & sizes. Not one phone was the same.

Better web design

Three years later, in 2010, a man named Ethan Marcotte decided to challenge the current approach through using the same content but with a different layout and using the term ‘responsive web design.’ To many people this term simply means that it will work on their phone.

The present

Web design has come a long way since the black pixelated screens. Today, most websites are clean, smooth and easy to understand. From a designers point of view they can be more flexible with new sites to improve them and make them look even slicker for the customers.

In general technology has had a massive improvement. For example, USBs used to be massive but only carried a small amount of data, now they are small and carry large amounts of data.

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