What is WUKBUK?

In the recent months our whole team have been working non stop on our new mobile Apps For Restaurants, WUKBUK. Currently the app is in its last stages of development and should be released within the next few weeks after the development team make some final minor tweaks to the app.

The idea behind the WUKBUK app, is for restaurants. Not only has WUKBUK got the restaurant in mind but the customer as well. The restaurant app has many features already such as the brilliant specials board which may seem like a simple idea however, when you see it on the app it looks incredible. Our amazing team will continue to add in more restaurant friendly features as the app progresses. The customer can download our app research & development for UK restaurants and look at the menu for that night, what specials are on at the restaurant, if any events are on such as live music and so on.

Apps for restaurants

You may believe that only big restaurants can do App Development for UK Restaurants such as the Ritz, Frankie & Bennys, or Wetherspoons however, this is a false assumption. Many  small restaurants we have spoken to don’t see the difference between an app and their website on a mobile. There are places out there which do have restaurant apps, these companies are ahead of the game especially as they are taking their marketing to the next level.

Get in touch to order the WUKBUK app for your business give us a call on 01524 544 744 or click here to drop us a line. Need to know more about the app? Head over to the WUKBUK site to learn more.

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