When’s it time to talk to an SEO agency?

Many business owners tend to try and shoulder every responsibility in the company, especially in the early stages of their growth. On the other hand many other owners put jobs on those who aren’t qualified in that area or have smart SEO Techniques to do the work right. So when is it time to talk to an SEO Agency?

Paid ads are costing too much

Pay-per click campaigns, such as AdWords, are an effective way of getting traffic to your site however, they are a very expensive. Every time someone clicks on an ad it costs the owner of the ad and the money is taken straight out of the bank.

Plus, there is no guarantee that paid ads will work! Users might go to the site, but if they don’t use your services then it will cost a lot of money to cover the costs of the ad(s).


When a business starts to expand, it’s critical that they do it right. If a company has conquered their local audience and decide to expand, then good SEO is a necessity to make sure that they are to succeed in their new area.

With an SEO Firm you be told about the competition in that area, lucrative keywords which will be effective and they will develop a plan based on the current search engine trends and attempt to link your company in with them.

You’ve done everything you can with SEO & social media…

So what happens when a business has done everything they can with SEO? The business might be too small to hire an in-house team or they could be too big to do it themselves.

There is a point where it becomes too much to do without the full knowledge of the subject matter. This is when you need to talk to an SEO agency about taking over doing a doing a better job since they are specialists.

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