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Morecambe Stone Jetty showing in the background the 8th wonder of the world….’Morecambe Bay’

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Getting a quality web video will engage your potential customers and bring out the best of your business.

Whatever your business we can provide TV quality video for a fraction of the cost of most video agencies

Get a an engaging team page done as cartoons.

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cartoon drawings of your team?

Let our Web Video Production Company Help Turn Website Visitors into Sales!

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And Google Likes Good Video Content!!!

Quality Web Video Production is now really important.

We can help deliver affordable video production services for a fraction of the cost of most Video Agencies!



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Product Video

Video of certain products shows them in their best possible light!

And will turn products into sales!

And make your products look slick and a ‘must have item’.

Web Video Works!

...And Converts!

Video Content Marketing is now really important.

We can help deliver affordable web video content marketing for a fraction of the cost of most video agencies!

Would you like an animated web video production for your business? If you haven't already, please check out our animated video at the top of this page and realise the potential for your business! This style of video is really affordable and helps get your message across in a smart, professional but also fun way. People love animated web video production, so order yours now!

Perhaps you are a small business and think budgets for quality video marketing are simply out of reach? Not any more! Web Video Marketing for business is here and will grow month by month. There a re a lot of studies out there and within a couple of years Business Video will account for approx. 69% of all consumer traffic on the Internet.

What you get

  • We listen to your idea
  • Create a story board
  • All Videos include background music and effects
  • On location productions available(IN_AREA}
  • Video are added to your website and social media

Optional Extra

  • Videos can be optimised to be found high in YouTube searches


Working closely with our Video Partner we can deliver low cost but high quality video production services from as little as £800 + VAT.

Whatever the industry we can deliver!

We can provide web video marketing for every industry:

Hotel & Guesthouse Web Video Production as well as Film Animation Services:

Web video content marketing for hotels, guesthouses & B&B's is perfect. What better way to present your facilities and bedrooms in the best possible light? So whether you are looking for Video Production Services for a B and B {AREA), Video Production for a Guest House , or a bespoke Video Production for Hotels then we can help!

Restaurant Video Production

Showing your restaurant off via web video content marketing gives you a great opportunity to welcome potential customers into your kitchen! Show them how proud you are and how friendly your staff will be! We can provide excellent Video Productions for Restaurants, Video for Cafe's, Pub Video Production as well as Video Production for Nightclubs

Video Production for Gyms, Health Centres

After doing a number of videos for gyms and health centres we know this is a great way to build up your client base. Show potential customers around and tell them about why you are so passionate about fitness for all. This includes Gym Video Production Services . Health Club Video Productions

Web Video Production for Hair Salons

Show off your premises and invite potential customers in to your hair salon! Show off your hairs styles and friendly staff with our second to none video production services! This can include Hairdresser Video , Video Production for Beauty Salons, and Video Services for Health Spas

Web Video Production for Building Companies

Show off your building work! Whether you are a firm building new housing projects or a local builder this is a great way to show people what you are about at the click of a button. Look as professional as you are with our Video Production Services! There are various building services so this can include Builders Video , Building Company Video Production, Video Production for Heating Companies , Video Production for Plumbing Companies , Video Production Services for Kitchen Showrooms , Video Production for Bathroom Showrooms /p>

In fact, Web Video Marketing for any Industry will help convert your website visitors in so many ways.

Whatever your industry web video content will always enhance what you stand for, how you deliver and engage potential customers! Its a no brainer!

Get more site visitors!

Professional web video can be added to your website and social media channels such as Facebook, YouTube and Google+ .

Web Video Content is proven to significantly boost traffic and engage your potential customers.

More and more people want instant results and find reading websites and emails are a bind! Video content can describe what you in inside a minute! As most of us are visual this is a great way to engage people, get your message across and KEEP them on your website…which is how websites convert into business!

Why having video content on your website is important:

  • Demonstrate a Product or Service
  • Share Your Expertise
  • Search Engine Optimisation - Video can drive traffic to your website
  • Promotions or Special Events
  • More customer friendly
  • Engage Customers With Your Brand
  • Stand Out From the Competition

The STATS speak for themselves. Below are links to external sources of interest about how important web video now is:

We can Deliver Online Marketing Videos produced in DVD format or web formats.

All videos can be submitted to you tube and social sites at no extra cost

  1. Videos produced in DVD and web formats
  2. Videos submitted to YouTube and Social sites at no extra cost
  3. Your Videos can be uploaded to you website if required also at no extra cost
  4. We can optimise your website to come up in Youtube searches for a small monthly fee.


We provide high quality but amazingly low cost video production services. Get in touch and we will knock your socks off with a low cost video content marketing quotes . Our Film and video animation services are delivered to your doorstep by our sister web video content marketing company. As an experienced and qualified web video agency we can help create expert film and video animation services using product video experts we exclusively use which makes us one of the top promo video agencies. As we use a partner company we are mainly a vehicle to get the job done well for you. Therefore we are not responsible for any issues that may arise between the client and our partner company. Please read our terms at wukmedia.uk/terms if you have any doubts.

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