Business SEO?

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Business SEO?

 Many people ask the question, “What can SEO do for my business?” Basically, business SEO is organising a website to be well received in the organic listings on Search Engines to enhance the online presence of any size of business. As about 90% of people searching online use Google then we, of course, focus our energies on Google’s algorithms. The huge misconception many people have that because a natural business SEO listing is free then it should cost next to nothing to appear high up in the results. Google, as a private company, make (as we all know from the latest news) literally Billions of dollars of profit a quarter mainly from their product ‘adwords’ which is a pay per click system. Engaging in a ‘Google Search’ empowers the ‘searcher’ to ‘find’ useful results. The PPC adverts at the top of the page (And down the side) are usually websites that are kind of jumping the queue. They invariably have little or no business SEO content and often people are reluctant to click on them as in a sense they have not asked for the adverts! Hopefully, you are now empowered with this simple explanation as to ‘What is SEO?”.

How Does Business SEO work?

How does  business SEO work is a great question.
 The truth is that  there is no succinct answer to this question. SEO could almost be described as a ‘dark art’ as to how websites are ‘manipulated’ to achieve good page 1 organic listings. WUKmedia (WebsiteUK ltd) have been ‘working’ on SEO for over 10 years. We have developed a formula and approach that is second to none. For example, think how many SEO companies would like to appear at the top of Google UK for a search like ‘SEO Quotes London’ ?? Or for that matter be number 1 organically for most major areas within London via SEO related searches. The answer is all of them! And do you know is number 1 for these types of searches? You guessed it …WE ARE!

We are  are also ranked in the top 20 Web Companies in the UK! (out of over 7000!)

The quality is in what our client’s have to say. Please click here to read our stunning reviews from companies all around the UK.

For an informal chat about website maintenance or how we can help you with everything from web design to SEO then please simply drop us a line or call us on 0844 5791066

SEO Maintenance Plans

Premium support for your clients, at no extra cost.
 We treat our customers like we would like to be treated.

As we are passionate about our SEO maintenance plans, troubleshooting any SEO problems, helping with general online marketing and making recommendations to improve our clients’ websites is the norm. You can always request our help with any questions you might have about the performance of your SEO maintenance package. We can provide SEO maintenance plans with comprehensive reports by request and always keep an eye on our clients websites. We generally make a courtesy call to check in with our clients at least once every three months.

Why should Business SEO be paid for?

Why is your business SEO a monthly payment?
Well firstly, if you are asking ‘Why should SEO be paid for? then we’d simply send you to the following link to read our reviews.  If after reading our  fabulous SEO reviews, you are still asking ‘Why SEO should be paid for? then we’d probably suggest you look further to find out the answer. When people ask us why our SEO is a monthly payment we explain that actually it is not a monthly payment. It is a fee for using our SEO approach and formula on your website and we licence that copy to you for 12 months at a time. The fee (some clients prefer to) can be paid as a one-off payment to cover the 12 months or can be paid via monthly installments. Again, if you are still in doubt please click here to read the mind-blowing reviews from our clients from all around the UK.

What am I paying for with business SEO?

 We could say just read our countless 5 star reviews and in a perfect world that should be enough. It’s amazing how many times this question comes up actually. We are a business. We have overheads and staff just like you. In the case of SEO we have not reinvented the wheel. Good business SEO has always been charged for and so it should be! We have spent literally 10 years developing our craft and approaches. I don’t believe that two SEO Engineers (never mind two SEO companies) would do EXACTLY the same SEO on a website. We have developed an inhouse system TradeMarked as TargetPAges and this system uses our formula. This system (and formula) has given some of our clients a huge ROI (In the millions in some cases) and well…it’s not only a bit daft, but a little insulting to assume that business SEO has no value and that we should not get paid. Try telling Google you will not pay for an ad! Basically, if you don’t pay. you don’t display!

I only want to work with a ‘local’ SEO company!

Because we appear in web design/SEO searches all over the UK many potential clients have ‘found’ us by searching for a local SEO company. Rather than be negative this actually serves as a positive because it is actually a case in point. Also, these days we are ‘local’ to you wherever your home base. 90% of our reviews come from customers we have never met us face to face. They don’t need to! There are very good communication tools at our disposal these days. Obviously ‘email’, then social media, Skype, linkedIn etc etc! Just because a company has bricks and mortar 3 miles down the road does not mean they will deliver the high-quality SEO we deliver and ‘prove’ to deliver time after time. Did you know? O ur home town of Lancaster is actually a mecca for Web Service Companies. Back in the late 90’s, ‘Businessserve”, one of the first ‘Internet’ companies in the country, was set up. This led to many offshoot companies and almost 20 years later Lancaster has probably more expertise per capita, in web development, than anywhere else in the UK.

How much should SEO Cost?

 When it comes to how much business SEO should cost there are a number of things to consider. For example, our pricing depends on a range of things. We need to consider the competition for a start. Should a client want to be the number one organic result for ‘Kitchens’. A ‘guaranteed’ number one spot for this one keyword would be virtually impossible. It doesn’t mean it cannot be achieved and we have beaten all the competition on many occasions. 9 times out of 10 an SEO strategy that is going to achieve good results needs creative approaches. We have those creative approaches nailed! Therefore, cost is often defined by the value of our expertise. We have clients who have very small campaigns (like looking for a plumber within a small provincial town) to companies that are looking for huge contracts of over £1000 000! The plumber may pay us £100 a month and the larger company covering BIG search results as much £10 000 per month. It is all relative and far far less expensive than PPC, newspaper advertising, magazines, TV and the rest of it. On top of this it is not ACTUALLY advertising. It is positioning your company to be FOUND in a very precise way when somebody is browsing a library! Many of our clients no longer spend a penny on so-called ‘advertising’ which works less and less as time goes by.


So when it comes to Business SEO hopefully you are now in a better place to understand what it can all be about!? We are an open door company and it means a lot to us to be able to deliver business SEO & show how business SEO Works.  Whatever the size of the company we provide affordable SEO maintenance plans for types of  companies. We are transparent about why should SEO be paid for. If you are looking for local SEO companies hopefully you know understand that these days we are ALL local! We believe we offer affordable local SEO quotes & prices and all you need to know about  how much business SEO should cost!


Helping build a successful business online

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It is that time of year again to re-evaluate your business model and work out ways to ensure growth and prosperity. Here at WUKmedia, we offer a range of online marketing services that will assist with your online portfolio.

Want more traffic?

WUKmedia has over 45 years experience in online marketing and is proud of the reputation that we are developing with our customers. We have designed several packages that will give you more time to look after your business while we take care of your online marketing.

Looking to target localised potential clients?

WUKmedia has developed an in-house system over several years that will target any specific locations in the UK that you would like to focus. It is called TargetPages and has been designed to get the most from GEO located pages that we’ll add to your website for given keywords and phrases for the locations of your choice. It is continually being improved and added too ensuring we keep up to date with the search engines algorithms.


It has been quite overwhelming how powerful this service has been for our clients and the success they have had. Get in touch today to find out how TargetPages can work for you.

Need a website refresh?

Does your current website display well on mobile devices and tablets? You would be surprised how many don’t. Google recently published some analytical data on how much we now use our portable devices it just shows how critical it is to have a mobile friendly site. Over 50% of searches made on Google are submitted on a mobile device.


Are you missing out on potential business over the price of website refresh? Our websites are designed with careful consideration and we ensure your new or re-design site will work on all devices. Call today to find out more.

Too busy for Social Media and blogging?

Many people are scared about Social Media and how to use it for their business. It can take up resources and time too. We can take the pain away by looking after this on your behalf. Facebook and Twitter are very useful tools to improve your online footprint and assist with gaining an audience that you can interact with!


If you do not have a blog attached to your website, get one. Posting on a regular basis is critical to keeping your site fresh and up-to-date in the eyes of Google. We provide this service so you can keep your eyes and ears on your business rather than thinking about what next to write about and post.

Why Choose Us?

All of our packages are bespoke to your requirements and we will ensure you have an account manager to look after you every step of the way giving you piece of mind and security that your website is in safe hands.

In conclusion

We hope you all have a prosperous New Year and take your marketing efforts to the next level. If you do not, others including your competitors, around you will!


What is HTTP/2?


HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) is the mechanism a browser uses to request information from a server and display web pages on your screen. HTTP 1.1 has been going since 1999; however, it is now starting to show its age. Therefore, HTTP/2 is a replacement of HTTP 1.1 which offers new ways of transporting data between the browser and server across the internet.

It uses most of the same technologies as HTTP 1.1, but is more efficient and allows servers to respond with more content than was originally requested, removing the need for user’s computers to continually and requests for more information until a website is fully loaded.

At the moment, HTTP/2 is supported by the leading browsers such as Firefox, Chrome. Apple has announced future release of HTTP/2. It’s used on millions of websites.

HTTP/2 offers many improvements in comparison to HTTP 1.1:

Faster transfer of information

HTTP/2 uses binary protocols in comparison to HTTP 1.1 which used textual rules making HTTP/2 more efficient, more compact “on the wire” and less error prone. With the use of compression, server push and multiplex HTTP/ 2 can waste less time sending and waiting for large amounts of information to the server creating traffic of information.

HTTP/2 is fully multiplexed

Only one request can be outstanding on a connection at a time. HTTP 1.1 tried to fix this with pipelining. Multiplexing addresses these problems by allowing multiple request and response messages to be in flight at the same time; it is even possible to intermingle parts of one message with another on the wire.

HTTP 1.1 practically only allows one outstanding request per TCP connection, in the old browsers have used multiple TCP connections to issue parallel requests. If there are too many connections used, it is counter-productive (TCP congestion control is negated).

A large number of demands means a lot duplicated “on the wire”. Making too many pull requests, hurts performance. Server push allows the server to avoid this round trip of delay by “pushing” the responses it thinks the client will need into its cache. Allows multiplexing addresses the problem of multiple requests. Using so many connections unfairly monopolizes network resources, “stealing” them from other, better-behaved applications (e.g. VoIP).

HTTP/2 uses server pushes

SPDY augments HTTP with several speed-related features that can dramatically reduce page load time. SPDY/2 is the basis for HTTP/2.

SPDY allows the server to push resources to the client that it knows the client will need (e.g. JavaScript and CSS files) without waiting for the clients browser to request them, allowing the server to make efficient use of unutilized bandwidth. HTTP/2 allows the server to “push” content, that is, to respond to data for more queries than the client requested. This enables the server to supply data it knows a web browser will need to render a web page, without waiting for the browser to examine the first response, and without the overhead of an additional request cycle.

SPDY has shown evident improvement from HTTP, at a minimum, the transfer speed with SPDY can improve by about 10 percent and, in some cases, can reach numbers closer to 40 percent. Such has been the success of SPDY, in 2012 the group of Google engineers behind the project decided to create a new protocol based on the technology.

The new protocol will also speed up mobile browsing

Mobile browsing is a modern and rising vehicle for searches. Therefore, the increase of speed for mobiles is necessary to satisfy consumers browsing experiences.

Better security than previous versions through an improved version of transport layer security (TLS 1.2).

Transport Layer Security (TLS) is a protocol that ensures privacy between communicating applications and their users on the Internet. When a server and client communicate, TLS ensures that no third party may eavesdrop or tamper with any message. TLS is the successor to the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL).

In Conclusion

HTTP/2 is a more efficient and faster way to request information from a server. HTTP 1.1 has become outdated; it was created at a time when web pages were less resource intensive and when it was simply HTML. With the complexity of modern day content, HTTP/2 is more adapted to respond efficiently and effectively to information requests on a greater level.

It is likely that we’ll see high profile websites and services, including those who have implemented SPDY – including Google, Twitter, Facebook, WordPress and Yahoo using HTTP/2 soon.

Chances are you will not even realise it when the switch is made; unless you are in the habit of timing load times for your favourite sites. Plus, you’ll still just see “HTTP” or “HTTPS” in the address bar, so, life will continue, as usual, but a bit faster. Overall, HTTP/2 will increase user experience, profit and overall satisfaction.


SEO Copywriting: How to write Content for Users and not for Search Engines

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SEO strategies are always considered when looking at increasing traffic and recognition of your brand. It’s quite right that this would be used as SEO strategies aid traffic and ranking. However, when writing content it is important that copywriters don’t stay too regimental when considering content writing. Copywriters must write content for users and not for Search Engines to create more recognition and brand resonance.

Hummingbird algorithm

Algorithms have now progressed a long way, they can grasp the concept behind the content. Pages can now be ranked from focusing on a clear concept. This means keywords aren’t as important as they use to be. Algorithms now can learn relationships so for example if using the word horse, hooves and main Google will recognise that there is a clear concept to the content. These relationships used to build the overall concept also fed the new hummingbird algorithm. This is a way to emphasise your message without repeating keywords that reduce quality, thus highlighting that Keywords can now less crucial. There is a move towards the semantic search highlighting the strength of creating a concept behind the content.

Storytelling to aid Interest

To write content for users, copywriters must relate to and recognise with the users. It is important that the brands personality is consistently resonated in the content. The most effective method at the moment is storytelling to create an emotional connection to customers. User-centric content reads more naturally, is unique from competitors and makes it easier for the reader to judge the predominant concept. It’s important to not get to immersed and lose sight of the bigger picture. At the end of the day, it’s a social business and about creating connections and eliciting emotions.

Elements of content that appeal to users

Headlines and subheaders are important to users. Headlines entice readers; eye catcher headlines can be effective at attaining viewers. Subheaders may affect content to code ratio, but they make it easier to read. Multimedia such as images and videos is effective at engaging and interacting with the reader. Google prefers media rich content and visual appeal. The use of SEO copywriting tools and resources such as Unsuck can be used to appeal to users. Unsuck is a web free app to help sentences and paragraphs run smoothly and avoid jargon.

Being Human

Users want brands to be as human as possible therefore content should be conversational. It’s about creating meaningful content, not buzzwords. Content should be creative, timeless, consistent and unique to competitors. Content must be persuasive, your content must solve a problem and appeal to the end user and promote a user to take action. It’s about recognising your end user and connecting with them on a human level with a consistent message. Most importantly content that is user-centric and not wrote for search engines is higher in quality and quality is the number one ranking factor in accordance with the Google Panda and Penguin updates.


Overall, it is imperative that content addressed to users identifies, the target audience and resonates the brands personality. The content must be user-centric tailoring to individuals needs and appear human with creativity, narrative content, timelessness and consistency. If all this is achieved the page will be attractive to users. Quality is the number one ranking factor in accordance with the Google Panda and Penguin updates.


Google Quality Rater’s Guidelines & Handbook – Leaked

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A new Google Quality Rater’s Guidelines & Handbook as been leaked and it’s only a new weeks old (Oct 2015). There are many new additions to last year’s handbook, meaning that we need to understand the additions and changes to what Google employees look for when critiquing and rating websites.

Let’s take a look at the main new points that we need to consider and the best way to move forward in the forthcoming year.


What is it?

“Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness”. This was in last years

What does it mean?

Google has consistently recommended that you want to make sure your website copy is not only quality content but that it highlights any expertise, that the author of the content is some servant authority on the subject, and if the site as a whole is trustworthy or not.

Google says that lacking a certain amount of E-A-T is enough of a reason for their member of staff to give any web page a low-quality rating. When writing content make your copy stand out from the crowd, make the content informative, precise, consistent and cross-link to others in your field who discuss a similar topic. This shows Google that you want to assist the visitor understand the topic they searched for. Sharing is caring !

Mobile Quality Guidelines

Most examples Google includes in the guidelines are displaying mobile results and not the desktop versions as seen in previous versions. Does this suggest anything to you? Ensure your website is mobile friendly, make checks, use different devices for quality checks.

Entering data may be cumbersome

Website contact forms, when used on a mobile device, can be very difficult to use and thus should be given a low rating.

Small screen sizes

Even if you think your website is mobile friendly, many sites don’t work well on small screen sizes. Test, test and re-test !

Some webpages are difficult to use on a mobile phone

Google mentions side scrolling (poor usability), menus (too small or don’t work) and images can be badly presented when on mobile phones (sizing, spacing and responsiveness). Don’t use flash on your site and make sure everything you want to be displayed can be on a mobile device.

Internet connectivity can be slow and inconsistent

Googles “mobile friendly algorithm” does not have a ranking for page load speeds, but they say it will be at some point. Use CDN’s for your page resources, minify your code (HTML, CSS, and JS). Even though page speed is not a ranking factor for mobile (yet), be consistent and future-proof your site, your users will appreciate the fast user-friendly pages. How many times have you left a page as it took too long to load?

Know Queries and Know Simple Queries

Know Simple Queries

They are SERP searches where someone is looking for a very specific answer and not looking for general broad information about the keyword (They can be answered in a short list or in 1-2 sentences). Always have questions and answers sections in your web copy. Remember many searches are done on mobile devices use conversational search (SIRI, Cortina, and Google Now) so it’s vital you have Q&A’s to assist in bringing as much traffic as you can to your online portfolio.

Know Queries

These are results that can’t be answered in a short list or 1-2 sentences, because the result would either be too broad or would need to be much more detailed. “how tall is ” would be a Know Simple Query, simply searching for “” would be a Know Query.

Google says that mobile search can influence whether something is considered a Know Query or a Know Simple one. Specifically, they say for searches like “weather” when done on mobile, it would be considered a Know Simple query since the assumption is the person is looking for current weather information for their current location. If they were looking for weather elsewhere, their query would be tailored for that by including the location keyword when searching.

Local Search

Explicit Locations

This is a new part to its algorithm, it’s the term Google uses when a local searcher is performing a local search but also includes the location as well. Always include what location you are targeting when writing about a product or service. e.g. plumber this is an explicit location search.

Local Queries and User Locations

Due to the fact that using mobile search can give Google your location they can determine what type of query you intend. When quality raters are evaluating some results, they are told where the results were triggered from, so they are rating the query with potential geographical intent available to them.


As you can see there are many new things that we need to consider when designing, writing and updating a website. We have only just scraped the surface here of what has been introduced and updated. Online marketing is an on-going process, don’t think your house will always be in order, a regular clean-up is essential.

If you need help with marketing of your business website get in touch today to see how we can assist and what we recommend to make sure your website is following the Google guidelines.

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